"shado is a collective and an online & print publication amplifying the voices of those at the frontline of political social and cultural change."

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'In conversation with Debris Stevenson'

'Build Love, Break Walls'

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This piece was commissioned by shado for their, 'Build Love, Break Walls' campaign in partnership with Say it Loud Club, and Help  Refugees in celebration of LGBTQI+ month 2020. The work was on display in Bermondsey Project Space as part of their two week exhibition, 'celebrating the unifying aspects of love without borders'.

The work was for sale in the space for the duration of the show with 50% proceeds towards Say it Loud Club and Help Refugees.


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Issue 2: Global Womxnhood

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Portrait of Alketa Xhafa Mripa

'A Beginner's Guide to Making Men Feel Uncomfortable'

a guide to making me feel uncomfortable.